“Remember you will not always win. Some days, the most resourceful individual will taste defeat. But there is, in this case, always tomorrow – after you have done your best to achieve success today.”- Maxwell Maltz

You remember the story of the tortoise and the hare? Despite all of his skills, his speed, and his ability to run circles around the tortoise, the hare lost the race. Why? Over confidence and the hare’s ability to just keep plugging, no matter what.

Our lives are like that. Sometimes we get distracted by those who seem to be running faster, who appear to be more talented, and who just seem to have everything on their side, but you know what? Persistence, determination, and hard work trump luck every day of the week.

Despite the challenges that happen in your life, if you want to accomplish your goals you cannot take your eye off the ball. Don’t get distracted by setbacks or how well your peers are doing, continue to focus on your goals and you will get there.

Happy Thursday!

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