Since our last attempt at playing a game here at Clutch was pretty successful, we though we’d try it again. This time, we’re taking a crack at Would You Rather? Who doesn’t love an opportunity to make fun, thought-provoking hypothetical decisions and then explain their rationale to their friends? Would You Rather? is a cool way to open the lines of dialogue about issues you may have already pondered but never had an occasion to discuss or to contemplate situations you’ve never considered.

Here’s how this will work. I’ll provide you with five either/or scenarios, and you’ll make a choice between them and post your choice in the comments. Be sure to include your reasons for choosing the way you did. Try to avoid answers like, “neither” or “both.” Readers are welcome to post up their own either/or scenarios, so that we can keep the conversation going.

Without further ado, I give you Clutch’s first game of Would You Rather?

1. Would you rather date:
a. an arrogant man with an equal or higher level of education, who earns significantly more than you do; or
b. a blue-collar man who earns equal or less than you do, but is also supportive, kind, and secure?

2. Would you rather live:
a. in a gentrified neighborhood you barely recognize as a once-historically black community; or
b. a neighborhood that has remained predominantly black but has become less safe in the past 5-10 years?

3. Would you rather have:
a. a large group of close friends with whom you only get to interact online; or
b. one close friend with whom you get to spend countless hours in person?

4. Would you rather live:
a. overseas in any country of your choice; or
b. in America, in any state of your choice, but with the caveat that you can never travel outside the country?

5. At the age of 38 years old or older, would you rather decide to:
a. have a child via artificial insemination and raise him/her as a single parent; or
b. keep waiting to find a suitable partner to marry and accept that you may not be able to have biological children?

 Your turn! Answer as many of the Would You Rather questions as you’d like and don’t forget to explain your reasons. Also, be sure to add in either/or scenarios that interest you. 

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  • mary mary

    1b, what’s the point of having an unsupportive life partner? as long as he is productive and has a job, i will be working too, so it’s all good.
    2a, who cares if my neighborhood has character if i am not going to live long enough to appreciate it?
    3b, how can you be real friends with someone and never meet them in person?
    4a, it’s a small world, but one full of adventures that many Americans are too myopic to discover
    5 – neither, i would adopt. too many good kids out there in need of good homes

  • Candy 1

    1. I would’ve dated the blue collar man. I married one. I can only deal with so much arrogance from one person, but I need a man with the other qualities, and blue-collar does not mean poor or uneducated. I’ve always looked for a man who was a hard worker and knew how to make/manage money, but it was never a requirement for him to make more than me.
    2. I’d choose the gentrified neighborhood as long as there was less crime, because I’ve lived in the ‘hood, and being afraid of being attacked or robbed on a daily basis is no way to live. That causes too much anxiety and stress.
    3. I like close friends who I can see. I don’t have real online friends, but I don’t think that online interaction can replace face-to-face time.
    4. I’d rather live overseas in any country. I want to be able to travel. I’d visit the U.S. sometimes.
    5. I think I’d just accept that I might no ever have children. I wouldn’t want to be a parent by myself

    • rhea

      I agree with your number one. I have two degrees; my man doesn’t have to have two as well. I am a very independent person; I don’t need a sponsor. There are things that I want a man in my life for which are not superficial. Status and money come and go.

  • Court F

    1,2,3, 5- A
    4- B
    Don’t judge me.

  • who run the world?…GOD

    1. b. Sounds like he’ll make a great husband and dad!
    2. b. I love being amongst black people. There is certain level of community amongst my own!
    3. b. Facebook -only friends will never have your back!
    4. a. My goal is to live in a majority black country outside of the U.S.
    5. b. I would love to raise a child but I will not do so intentionally as a single-parent.

  • 1. I would rather date a blue-collar man who earns equal or less than you do, but is also supportive, kind, and secure. All the money in the world won’t help the hit that my emotions etc. would take from the arrogant man. Besides I know I can ALWAYS make more money and any man that I chose will have that same mentality/ability.

    2. I would rather live in a gentrified neighborhood I barely recognize as a once-historically black community. I could be wrong but that gentrified neighborhood would always have the original feel that I knew and loved. I grew up in BedStuy and to go back to some of those now gentrified areas today I feel you get the best of both worlds.