“Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” VH1’s latest addition to its reality show lineup, seems to be a hit. The show that takes viewers inside the lives of some of hip-hop’s Georgia peaches is serving up all of the juicy drama audiences love.

While we can debate whether or not the show does black women and our image a disservice, there’s one thing I am almost certain of: This reality show is anything but reality; it’s totally scripted.

Although I’m well aware that most reality shows have some element of staged drama, the conflicts, characters, and situations on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” just feel more like a bad primetime soap opera than how real folks actually live. As one of my Twitter followers put it the other night, “‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ is a bad telenovela, but with negroes.”

I agree. And here’s why.

Stevie J is a horrible actor — and it shows

I’m sorry, but one of the main reasons I can’t take this show seriously is Stevie J. Instead of coming off like a real person, he sounds like he’s serving up his best Blaxplotation performance or Mase impersonation. His reaction to everything is just so lackluster and monotone and is not anything close to being real.

Pregnant jump-off? Stevie’s expression is placid. Angry girlfriend? Stevie’s face is so still (and his voice so flat) he must sweat Botox. Getting them “paws” put on him? Stevie was talking to Scrappy like he was asking for some Grey Poupon instead of getting ready to fight.

If the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” folks want me to believe this show isn’t a horribly acted dramedy, then I’m going to need Stevie J. to seem a little less plastic and a lot more real.

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  • Eileen

    i don’t think its stevie J bc i’ve seen dudes who take everything in life as a joke or think they’re too cute to get angry react like that in situations. The thing for me that makes it so painstakingly scripted is the chain of events that happen. For one why the fuck stevie j walking around with a pregnancy test?? and wasn’t it so convenient that she had an abortion. The bit in ep. 5 when carly is walking out of the meeting with stevie j and joselyn…that shit seemed sooo fake. Carly needs acting classes. And she just happens to be at every event and knows who’s slept with who. Like someone commented earlier i wish they would just try to label this as a soap opera and not try to pass it on as reality television.

    ANND lmao a miss cleo over here saying joselyn is “obviously transexual” just because she has a defined jawline doesn’t make her a transexual. womp womp.

  • MrsTurtle

    I have lived in the south my whole life and let me just say if you think this is scripted then you might better stay as far out the south as you can because it is just like that here. It is a small world down here. You have to realize that it is a very small, tight-nit community of people who determine who is successful in the hip-hop community. Its like the southern mafia. So if you are trying to get in, trust me, this is the exact type of life and daily b.s. you will have to make it in. I am down in Jacksoville and Jville is in tight connection with Atlanta so I have heard and seen it all. This is what any of our top successful hip-hop artists have had to come up through in order to get where they are at so maybe you can begin to understand why it is so hard for them to hold on to that fame and money cause its always someone hungry-er trying to claw their way to the top and hating all the way. For every one person who makes it up out the drama of the south, there is 100 left behind hating. I see women like Mimi and Joselyn and men like Stevie and Scrappy everyday. Scrappy with that momma-boy syndrome & Stevie with that need to have his d… Wet all day and night. Unfortunately women like Mimi are all to common. The south still raises our girls on them old school values that you need to keep the home together for the kids, when in reality all you are doing is showing your children that this is how life is supposed to be. Maybe by airing out the dirty laundry of the dirty south we can finally begin to bring around change. So ladies if you think you might be a Mimi, Stand up and be counted! Baby don’t be weak for no man, NO MORE. YOU ARE WORTH SO MUCH MORE!!

  • Crystal

    Omg!! I thought I was the only one that felt like this show was 100% scripted! Stevie J. is the worst actor ever…this show is not real at all. Stevie J. is doing way too much for the camera & everyone else is just trying to play to the camera too much instead of being their true selves. Ridiculous!!

  • Rina C.

    You all sit there saying Stevie the worst actor but you’re so forgetting Scrappys mom. Seeing and hearing her talk let me know this show definitely is fake.

  • Mike

    I`ve always known it was scripted or staged. However
    I watch it because its just entertainment especially stevie J.
    and joseline. I don’t take it seriously.