Music is about experimentation, mixing genres, and mashing up influences to create a sound all your own, but sometimes things go awry.

While some artists are able to move easily between vastly different genres (think Prince, Kanye, or the Roots, for example), others would benefit greatly from just staying in their lanes and sticking to what they do best.

Although I appreciate an artist who isn’t afraid to take chances, sometimes they’d be better served to leave well enough alone.

So who are some artists who should have stayed in their lane? Let’s take a look.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop isn’t afraid to do anything. He’s gone from gangster rapper to seductive crooner,  and in honor of his upcoming album, the rapper formerly known as Snoop Dogg has taken on a new moniker: Snoop Lion.

It seems as though all the ganja has gone to the Dog Father’s head, and he decided to try his hands (or paws?) at a little reggae. Snoop channels his inner Rasta on the track “La La La” and let’s just say he should stick to smoking. The result? A blood clot mess!

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  • What the ras is “A blood clot mess!”?
    Not trying to be the lexicon police but the correct term is “bloodclaat” as in bloody cloth a reference to mensturation cloths.

    On another note I believe artist should always experiment with their sound,, so what if you fall on your face, nothing ventured nothing gained.

    Stevie Wonder is legendary for crossing all types of genres in his illustrious career and not all his efforts were stellar. You all need to stop trying to put folks in a box of your own comfort

  • But Girl…

    Why on EARTH is Nicki Minaj NOT on this list? Please add and round it out to 5.

  • I can’t stand Young Money; my local hiphop station plays their music (if you want to call it that) nonstop. What the heck is happening to my beloved hiphop!