Though white jeans are a summer wardrobe staple, many women steer clear of them out of fear. With these tips for wear and care, every woman can incorporate white jeans into her warm-weather wardrobe stylishly.

Here’s some advice on picking the right style and avoiding common mishaps.

1. Fit is key.

Since white is an unforgiving color, tight jeans will show every lump and bump. On the flip side, baggy jeans are super unflattering. Here are the best styles for every shape:

If you’re curvy, fitted looks that skim your curves work best. Look for styles like straight leg or jeans with a slight flare that will create a long, lean shape without being too baggy.

If you’re boy-shaped, skinny jeans or cropped jeans will give you a cute, trendy look.

If you’re petite, you’ll need to avoid the dreaded bunching of fabric around your ankles from skinny jeans that are too long. Don’t be afraid to take your jeans to the tailor and get them hemmed for an impeccable fit.

2. Don’t skimp on quality.

When a pair of white jeans aren’t constructed well, it shows. Look for quality, well-made jeans. There are tons of inexpensive yet stylish options that won’t break the bank. Go for a clean, minimalist look that reads elegant. Avoid features like back pockets and rhinestones that cheapen the look.

3. Be sure to wear the right undergarments.

Nude thongs or line-less boyshorts are your best bet as white can sometimes appear see-through. Whatever you do, don’t pair white jeans with white undergarments unless you want to give a peepshow. Total disaster!

4. Keep them so fresh and so clean!

Nothing’s worse than a dingy pair of white jeans. Keep them clean and fresh by washing with a bit of bleach. When you’re out and about, on-the-go spot remover comes in handy. Also, avoid drying in the machine so your jeans don’t turn yellow over time.

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Clutchettes, would you wear white jeans? What tips do you suggest for white jean wearers?

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  • tip # 5 don’t be bigger than a size 4