Move over Facebook! Instagram, Tumblr, and now Pinterest are taking off, with people finding unique ways to share photos and enjoy social media.

Pinterest is particularly exciting when it comes to exploring beauty and fashion on the web. It’s like a virtual vision board. You can “pin” pictures of products you want to buy, how-to hair instructions, and even recipes, and store them on your board of choice.

If you’re intrigued, or are already an avid Pinterest user, here are five style boards we suggest you follow for your fill of fashion and beauty!

Click through to see all five, Clutchettes!

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  • Lyn

    Just started on Pinterest and I love it! Hopefully you all will see my pins too. :) Love u Clutch Mag


  • Love this story! I’ve started following all of these fabulous boards. The homogeneity of beauty standards on Pinterest can be downright infuriating, I can’t look at another size 2, blonde, white woman. But, start following these boards and your pins will start reflecting real life and the diversity of real beauty.

  • laughing808

    I was already following “Shake your beauty” and “Afrobella”, thanks for the other three suggestions.

  • Thanks for these suggestions, clutch!

    Can we be real for a second, though? I feel like Pinterest has just to catch on with black people. I feel like mostly white women with high SES use it. Just search “Black women” and see the results.

    • You know I agree….that’s why we have to break the barriers down and let the blog and virtual world know we have (p)-interests too! LOL, happy pinning.

    • gypsie.r

      If you type search “Black women” and choose boards, you get a myriad of boards to look at. We are represented.