Over-sharing on Facebook has brought shame to many political figures, but this latest case is particularly distressing. A Brooklyn Assistant District Attorney Justin Marrus posted photos of himself in blackface on Facebook, according to The New York Post.

Taken six years ago when he was an undergrad college student, the photos displayed the now 25-year-old ADA posing in jest as a Jamaican man and a prison inmate. The New York Post reports:

In one picture — from an album called “Halloween” — Marrus mugs it up in a tie-dyed T-shirt, dreadlock wig, shades, and blackface, according to the Gothamist website, which first reported the story.

“What part of Jamaica you from, mon? da beach, mon,” the caption reads.

A second photo — from an album called “Courthouse for 4th of July” — shows Marrus, now 25, and another man simulating sex in what looks to be a cell with white bars.

“While in prison . . . made me do unspeakable acts with . . .” the tasteless caption reads, with the two names blurred out by the website.

Marrus has since apologized and DA spokesman Jerry Schmetterer released this statement:

“This is something he did about six years ago while he was in college. He apologized. He admits it was childish and inappropriate.”

No matter how old the photos, the fact that a Brooklyn ADA ever made fun of the rape of black inmates in prison is highly offensive. Especially when you consider that he is now an officer of the law.

What are your thoughts on ADA Justin Marrus’ blackface pictures and apology, Clutchettes?

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  • lola_z

    @African Mami,
    Nuh watch dat!! That comment is from Half Baked and it was funny in the movie… I could just hear the accent they were using. Now, as I kept on reading, I stopped laughing immediately. That is some serious stuff and I do not believe that he should be able to stay in office either.