No matter the season, many of us experience street harassment every single day. And while we may have wanted to have a snappy comeback ready for our harasser, more often than not we probably walked away quickly — and safely. While street harassment is all too common for women around the world, one comedian decided to flip her experience on its head and look at it from her harasser’s perspective.

Sharing her tale for the inaugural installment of Chioke Nassor’s series Storytime, New York-based comedian Sasheer Zamata shared her run-in with a flasher.

Although she says she should have handled it differently, her reaction to the flasher was extremely nonchalant. She remembers, “I turned down his dick as if he were trying to sell a CD or something.”

With biting humor and a willingness to be honest about the experience (and her flasher’s point of view), Zamata turned a horrible incident into a teachable (and comical) moment.

Take a look.

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  • Enrique Dalton

    I actually love Chioke’s spin on the issue of a flashing experience. The average everyday man’s veiw is that of radical seriousness, tenseness, “no- smiles/laughs” and all- out attack.

    Chioke adds a relaxing mixture of humour and caution. I believe this view is superior to the first because many relaiable research sources indicate that the avarage “flasher” really has no intention to have sex with the person only to be seen.