LisaRaye McCoy, currently appearing on VH1’s only scripted show, “Single Ladies,” spoke with Be Magazine about competing with reality shows: “You know what’s so funny is that I was actually a part of one of the first reality shows on Bravo called ‘The It Factor,’” she says. “It was so much fun. Now, reality shows have really gotten out of hand. I am offended by it somewhat because being an actress, I’m now competing with reality TV stars on TV and in my pockets….”

While I’m openly not the biggest fans of “Single Ladies,” McCoy’s quote made me wonder about scripted and reality shows in general. Reality TV once was a fascinating novelty. The idea of peering into people’s unadulterated lives and watching their stories unfold kept me tuning in for more. Now, I feel differently.
Reality TV shows that are overwhelmingly negative and dramatic in nature seem to incite a wave of backlash alongside a meteoric jump in ratings. Positive reality shows are generally regarded as “boring” and never get the high viewership numbers that conflict-ridden shows enjoy.

Though I tune into shows like “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta,” (which is arguably scripted), when I think of the programs I love the most, scripted shows rise to the top of the list. “Sex and The City,” “Six Feet Under,” “Girlfriends,” “Family Guy,” and “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” are among my favorites. Programs like “Real Housewives of Atlanta” and “Basketball Wives” received my viewership, but not my esteem.

What are your thoughts, Clutchettes? Do you prefer scripted series over reality programming?


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