It’s Friday! And Friday the 13th no less, so let’s just get into it, shall we? 

Half of a Yellow Sun, starring Thandie Newton, ends filming in nigeria– Remember the controversy sparked by Thandie Newton’s casting as an Igbo in the film adaptation of the novel Half of A Yellow Sun? Well, the film recently wrapped. It’ll be interesting to see how audiences receive her performance. {AfriPop}

Feature film based on black & sexy TV web series The Couple in the works! Details – So happy this show will be hitting the big screen! More examples of black couples on screen? We love it. {Shadow & Act}

Riot police, Occupy protesters clash in Los Angeles – So far Occupy L.A. has been pretty tame, but Thursday’s riot during the monthly event ArtWalk could signal a change. {MSNBC}

Should Mitt Romney pick Condoleezza Rice as his running mate? – This probably won’t happen, but the Romney campaign floated Rice’s name in the Veepstakes. Perhaps it’s meant to distract from the Obama campaign’s Bain attacks. {Wall Street Journal}

Green Mile actor Michael Clarke Duncan in ICU after cardiac arrest – Let’s hope he makes a full recovery! {LA Times}

3 new rules make weight loss successful – I don’t know how “new” these rules are, but according to a new study, if you want to lose weight you should track your food intake, don’t skip meals, and avoid eating out. {Fox News}

Mariah Carey wins “American Idol” diva musical chairs – Looks like Mimi will be an “Idol” judge. Do we care? {Jezebel}

Kerry Washington does vintage glam in the July 2012 issue of Italian Vogue – She looks so fly! {theYBF}

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  • Mademoiselle

    Considering politics are nothing but a game of chess a la high school superlatives, I’m not surprised Condoleeza’s name is being thrown out. The ‘Pubs are looking for a move that will allow them to split the black/minority vote. It’s the same reason Palin was chosen for McCain’s running mate. They figured there was already a palpable division between women Dems & minority Dems during the ’08 primaries, so throwing a woman on the Pub side was meant to split the woman vote. The clear fallacy was, well, I’m not about to bash another woman right now, so I’ll let you fill in the reason why she didn’t work in that strategy. I’m guessing Condy has the right amount of smarts and melanin to give them hope that this strategy would work if they get the public reaction they’re looking for, especially considering the lack of large scale rallying for Obama in the black/minority community this time around. They’re thinking there may be just enough disgruntled black people that a double-minority running mate might do the trick.

  • shadow

    Kerry Washington looks amazing!!! Reminded me of and old Diahann Carroll pic. circa 1970.