It’s the beginning of the week and all eyes are focused on the information coming out of Colorado. But the rest of the world hasn’t stopped. So here are a few things we may have missed earlier, but thought you should know.

Shooting suspect in court with orange-red hair – We got our first glimpse of Colorado shooting suspect James Holmes and boy did he look the part of crazy. Not only did he have orange hair, but Holmes seemed despondent as he sat through court proceedings. {The AP}

Do you have a case of social media depression? – You’re not crazy. Your coworkers happy status really might just be making you depressed. {Marketplace}

WORK: Mariah is the newest “American Idol” judge! – It’s officially. Mimi is the next “Idol” judge. Will you watch? {theYBF}

Drug-resistant HIV “on increase” – This is not good news. {the BBC}

Nigeria demands return of looted Benin artifacts from Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts – The Benin Massacre might have happened back in 1897, but Nigeria says it wants its stolen artifacts back. I think they should get them. {Shadow & Act}

Sally Ride, first American woman to fly in space, dies of cancer at age 61 – So sad. RIP, Ms. Ride. {Washington Post}

Black small business profiles: “Ask the Money Coach” founder teaches you how to start your first business – Yes the economy sucks, but now just might be the perfect time to start a business. {theGrio}

Obama campaign plans fundraiser with stars of “The Wire” – Who said the president was ignoring the black vote? LOL! {Black Voices}

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