Florida’s Republican Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll is currently embroiled in a sex scandal after a former staffer alleges she caught Carroll and another female aide in a “compromising position.”

Carletha Cole, Carroll’s ex-office aide, was arrested and charged with leaking a taped conversation to a Florida newspaper. As apart of her defense, she claims she was fired because she walked in on Carroll and the lieutenant governor’s travel aide, Beatriz Ramos, as well as complaining about unfair working conditions.

The Huffington Post gives more details:

Defending herself against the charges, Cole alleges in a court filing the lieutenant governor fired her shortly after she walked in on the Republican leader and the staff member in Carroll’s capitol office.

The allegation came to light in a July 5 court filing in response to a motion by prosecutors that certain records in the case be made confidential. 

“When she entered the office, she found the Lieutenant Governor and her Travel Aide, Beatriz Ramos, in what can only be described as a compromising position,” according to a motion filed by Cole’s lawyer, Stephen Webster. 

The Florida governor’s office did not respond to phone calls and emails seeking comment about the allegations. However, the lieutenant governor did issue a strong denial to other media.

Cole has waged a public campaign against Carroll for months, calling for her impeachment and accusing her of “nepotism and misuse of office for sexual escapade.”

Carroll, a military vet and married mother of three, has denied the allegations, but Cole insists the indiscretion occurred. She even took a polygraph test (which are not admissible in court) administered by a retired expert who used to work with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and was deemed truthful.

If convicted on charges she leaked a taped conversation to the media, Cole, an A.M.E. minister and mother of two children, may face up to five years in prison.

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  • I don’t like this. Homosexual expression should not be fodder for “slander.” Please stop promoting this story. As a lawyer this “compromising position” is bull shit.

  • CF

    I feel for her and her entire family. Having a same sex attraction is taboo in general, but in the black community, even moreso. The best thing for her to do if she really cares for her family is to come out, and move forward the best they all can.

    There are lots of organizations that can help her in the process. For her husband, Straight Spouse Network (which has helped countless people for 25 yrs, including other politician spouses), and her children, there is COLAGE.

    I hope they can work together as people who care for each other, and as co-parents to make it the healthiest transition possible.

    • @CF

      Obviously you have an agenda, which is to promote the organization you mention. But maybe you should read the article. It says that the Lt. Governor denies the affair.