After rocking a relaxer in summer 2010, Jill Scott has big chopped for her second time since stepping into the spotlight. She revealed her new “TWA” at a performance at Somersot House in England.

Since Scott got a lot of flack for relaxing her hair, it’s interesting to see her do the big chop again.

We’re all for women having the freedom to change their hair as they please and embrace any style, texture, or length they see fit. But as natural hair becomes increasingly popular among artists and the women in their fan base, we sometimes wonder what the real motive is in big chopping.

Is it a move toward growing healthier hair or a chance to gain publicity and appeal to a fanbase of naturals? What are your thoughts, Clutchettes?


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  • Selah

    I went natural because I grew tired of relaxing and coloring my hair. My maintenance routine is now less time-consuming and less expensive.

  • I think the “big chop” is both a great way to grow healthier hair and a bold statement that “I’ve come into my own,” and am comfortable with me. BEAUTIFUL JILL!!! You go girl.