Just in time for summer, CLUTCH has undergone a little (OK, a lot) of sprucing up. Aside from our new look, we’ve changed things up a bit. Because we love you and don’t want you to be lost in the sauce wondering what’s going on, here’s the rundown of a few of our changes:

  • We will no longer run new features Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Instead, we will have one featured opinion article every single day of the week (yes, this includes weekends!).
  • Our sister site, Coco & Crème, is now part of CLUTCH so we can bring you all of the style and beauty articles alongside of our news and opinion articles. No extra clicks necessary!
  • Because we love you, and because you crack us up, we’ll be adding a little spice to our commenting and highlighting the funniest, most insightful, and witty comments of the week. So get those zingers ready; you might just make the front page!

Over the next few weeks as we continue to transition to our redesign, things may get a little rocky. The site might run a little slower and comments may take a bit longer to post (they are there; don’t double post), but know we are working hard to bring you the best online destination for smart, stylish, and sexy women on the web!

So, Clutchettes, what do you think of our new look?

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  • Gam

    Ok, I’m sorry to jump on you guys, but as a UX professional, I have a bit of feedback. I’m currently viewing the site on an iPad, and it’s really tedious to find content, if there is a mobile version, I should be prompted to use that one.
    Scrolling, it’s way too much, the vertical layout does not work for a magazine site.
    Content, is not aligned properly, I’m typing in the comments section and there’s a huge blank wasted space to my left, it doesn’t work.

    I think this site may just end up like Jezebel, in the list of sites I used to go to. I cannot spend extra hours trying to find content, it will be sad to leave.


  • Me

    For some reason, instead of the twitter, tumblr, pinterest, and rss feed icons, next to the FB icon, all I’ve been seeing all week is e y f c next to the FB icon. Didn’t figure it out until I hovered my cursor on them.

    My only other comment is to echo Gam a little bit. The content layout is a little difficult to navigate, even on a PC.

  • shadow

    OK, I commented a couple days ago about it taking some time to get used to the new layout because I felt like I was “all over the place”, well…I guess I’m not as slow and old as I thought, lol. I’ve adjusted & embraced quickly & I really do like the new look!

  • Kristen

    Don’t like at all! Way too busy and too much going on. The old layout was MUCH crisper and clearer.