“Project Runway,” “America’s Next Top Model,” and “Fashion Star” have opened the door for a string of fashion reality shows, fighting to attract a loyal, style-obsessed audience. A-listers Rihanna and Naomi Campbell have both put their proverbial hats in the ring with style competition shows.

Campbell is gearing up for the model competition, “The Face”, which she is currently casting for in New York and Los Angeles (click here if you’re interested). The show, which will appear on Oxygen, will scout and then follow emerging models through challenges such as photo shoots, fashion shows, and commercials.

Campbell had this to say about the upcoming show:

“I look forward to discovering the next great model on ‘The Face.’ I’m looking for contestants who have the whole package – a beautiful face; healthy, toned body; unique look; interesting personality; confidence; and, above all, strong work ethic and drive. I’m seeking someone who possesses a global, worldly outlook, but can also be seen as a home-grown girl next door. Most importantly, I’m looking for a model with a fearless spirit who can completely transform like a chameleon, and take you on a unique journey that makes you believe that even the impossible is possible. If I find that, I’ll find a truly great model!”

Rihanna’s new show, aptly titled “Styled To Rock” will document her search to find talented undiscovered designers in Britain. It will appear on the Sky Living Channel abroad.

Check out the trailer for Rihanna’s new show here:

With the flood of fashion reality shows on the market, it’s hard to tell if these two are distinct enough to become popular among viewers.

Clutchettes, are you checking for more fashion reality shows? Will you watch “The Face” or “Styled to Rock”?


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  • apple

    i thought the show on rihanna would going behind the scenes on how they pick the look for every video or concert or award show, i dont want to see a competition really because thats what that other show for …umm..project runway is the name lol

  • I’m truly sick of reality TV at his point, but I may tune in to The Face to see what advice Naomi has for the models. I’m sure she has tons of style secrets from her many years in the business. I’m not sure about Fashion Star show. Rihanna is a pop star, and she has a whole team including stylists who dress her, so why again is she judging a fashion reality show? I like Rih, but I would find it a bit insulting to have her judge my work as a designer when she really has no real designing experience.

  • Tweedledee43

    When I think of Fashion I pretty much never think of Rihanna.