Have you been watching the qualifying trials for the 2012 Olympics in London? We have. And boy, have they been exciting! It seems that the Olympics stay gone just long enough for you to forget the rush you feel watching athletes push themselves to the pinnacle of their ability in order to attain the highest athletic honors in the land. Before you know it, you’re glued to your seat, rooting for favorites in stadiums and gyms and on fields.

Speaking of favorites, here are some of ours:

1. Lia Neal
On Saturday, 17-year-old Lia Neal’s fourth place time in the 100-meter freestyle secured her a spot on the U.S. Olympic 4×100-meter freestyle relay team. The Brooklyn native shed tears of joy as she reached a new personal best at 54.33 seconds. An 11-grader at Manhattan’s Convent of the Sacred Heart, Neal has become the third black swimmer to join the U.S., along with Cullen Jones and Anthony Ervin. She is the second black female swimmer ever to represent the U.S. in the Olympic Games.

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  • Jai

    Gabby was AMAZING! I thought it was a shame that the commentators seemingly glossed over her winning the automatic spot to state Jordyn Wieber should get an automatic spot on the team as well, literally immediately after her scores came in.

    • MayDay

      Yes! She was wonderful! And I noticed that, too- they kept giving all this coverage to Jordyn Wieber and doubting Gabby’s abilities.

  • tallulah belle

    Wow! Chaunte Lowe has a beautiful physique. Love to see the sisters looking strong and gorgeous! GO USA!

  • Paul

    Damn how much ‘rone is Chante Lowe on? I hope she doesn’t look like this pic in the off season – for husband’s sake.

  • I am really upset about Jeneba Tarmoh conceding the win to Felix. She had been training for years, and this was her time. Now she just gives it up like it’s nothing? It is very upsetting to me as an American. If there’s one thing we know, it’s that we don’t quit. She may never get the opportunity again. After Felix ran the race of her life in the 200, Tarmoh may have had a chance to actually beat her in the 100. We’ll never know. I think this will be the biggest regret of her lifetime, and for that reason, I’m sad for her. I don’t know what she was thinking to give up so easily.

    I’m 100% rooting for the USA. I can’t wait to watch the Olympics this year. We have some amazing athletes representing us. Go USA!!