Many see power couples like Jay-Z and Beyoncé and idolize their sense of balance and mutual respect for one another. But what about relationships where one partner is prominent and the other remains in the shadows? Such was the case for R.Kelly and his ex, Andrea Kelly, who is featured on VH1’s new reality show “Hollywood Exes.”

Andrea, a dancer/choreographer who married R. Kelly in 1996 (they divorced in 2009), recounts how he purposefully kept her hidden while his controversial bad-boy image and sex-soaked songs made millions. It’s unclear whether he kept her a secret because he imagined himself as a sex symbol (and felt marriage might turn his fans off) or because he was ashamed or embarrassed by her. But what we do know is the invisibility hurt Andrea deeply.

She imagines her pursuit of reality TV fame as empowering and healing since she was denied attention for so long. Which begs the question: Why did she stay in a relationship where she felt invisible and insignificant?

What are your thoughts, Clutchettes? Would you stay in a relationship where you felt invisible? If your partner doesn’t choose to share you with the world, does that mean he/she cares less? Discuss.

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  • lady dai

    R Kelly ant no dam saint and Andrea know a lot more than what she saying.how u live in a house with your spouse and not know who comes and go.why u never asked questions why nothing never looked strange or seem out of pocket to her.she knew something that’s crazy and you got kids up in there and u didn’t know anything.sad real fkng sad.Andrea looks older than kels maybe she just had a wake up call.I have no respect for anyone who takes the innocence of children and use it for their own satisfaction.god is good all the time andkelly will repent and so will everybody elese who had something to do with it.amen hallajueia praise god give him all the glory

  • 504girl713

    FYI if you didn’t know, Andrea says R. Kelly was physically abusing her as well. And y would he be ashamed of her, what’s wrong with her? She is beautiful, talented, down to earth, charismatic, intelligent, and keeps it 100% real. I like her for being her and not being fake.

  • Tha Real Mack G

    As ugly as she is, I don’t blame him for keeping her hidden.