The Olympics kicks off tonight in London and the world is buzzing with anticipation, but what do you think, Clutchettes?

As we prepare to watch the opening ceremony later today, what are you most looking forward to and what athletes will you be checking for during these Olympic games?

Leave your thoughts, have a conversation, and let us know whether or not you’ll be tuning in!


Editor’s note: As we continue to look for ways to improve the site, the CLUTCH team is kicking around a few ideas. One idea we’re considering is opening a forum for readers to post their own topics, start discussions, and share ideas. What do you think? Leave a comment and weigh in! 

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  • jamesfrmphilly

    i will be excited when the two weeks is over and i can stop hearing about it…..

  • Salmon

    I usually am, but this year I’m a little blah about it. Don’t know why…

    I got a few faves tho… Lolo Jones, Queen Underwood, but still.. not too excited. I will say this, can all the stupid commercials stop acting like the Dawn dish soap and Tide detergent are contenders in the Olympics with their corny skits. UGH

  • SS25

    Up until now I was so excited for Gabby Douglas until a group of black women decided to attack her hair. I mean to attack 16 yr old black female making history is so disgusting. We talk about unity, and being the best , but focus on bullshit. SMH