Lil Scrappy Owes Child Support

Last night on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” rapper Lil’ Scrappy attempted to make amends with his longtime girlfriend and mother of his child, Erica Dixon. After deciding to take a break from living together (and apparently, their relationship), Scrappy asked Erica if he could also take a break from paying child support for their 7-year-old daughter Emani.

Umm … what?

While Erica is working hard to support herself and Emani, it seems as though Scrappy’s career is struggling. After having a couple of hits a few years ago, his music career has taken a turn for the worse and his money isn’t what it used to be. And now that Scrappy and Erica are apart, it looks like he wants to take care of his daughter on his own terms, but Erica isn’t falling for it.

Last night, Scrappy apologized for how he’s been stringing Erica along while he gets himself together. Although he says he wants them ultimately to be together, he isn’t ready to commit fully to her now. Erica stood her ground and told Scrappy she wasn’t going to be mistreated anymore and claims that chapter of her life is now closed. As they seemed to come to an understanding, Scrappy then asked if Erica would have the child support order lifted because “he takes care of his child,” but she refused, reminding him that she asked him for money for their daughter and still hadn’t received it.

We’ve seen this scenario play out time and time again. The parent with primary custody wants the other parent to step up and pay their fair share, and the non-custodial parent feels like what he is doing is enough. While it may seem adversarial to involve the court in such decisions, allowing a third party to determine the minimum amount that should be paid toward the child’s care is not only fair, but it’s best for all involved.

While some couples are able to work out amicable agreements, far too often we’ve seen the reverse. When emotions and loyalties are in play, things can get blurred and the money it takes to provide for a child can be put in jeopardy.

Because Erica hasn’t been holding Scrappy accountable, his support for his child has been lacking. But now that the court will be involved, he’ll have no choice but to pay up or suffer the consequences.

Parenting isn’t easy, and when you have to share parenting duties with a former partner, things can get even more complicated. Because children cannot eat air and good intentions, it’s important that both parents work out an agreement that is fair and, above all else, provides for their child.

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  • Paul

    I don’t believe a man should pay child support to a woman, even if he’s accepted paternity and the responsibilities of fatherhood.

    Whatever resources a man sets aside for his child should go directly from him to the child.

    If a man chooses to simply walk away from an unwanted IMpregnancy, then that is HIS BODY HIS CHOICE and he shouldn’t be required to pay or do anything for the woman’s child.

    The opinions of people who don’t pay child support and are not likely to ever have CS and the attendent risk of jail for defaulting, levied on them – are irrelevent. Just background noise.

    end of.

    • my_reply

      Are you crazy? There are other men who work multiple jobs to be able to provide for their kids, and you losers think a man should have a CHOICE to abandon his child. That is some of the weakest crap ever. You think since a woman has the option to terminate her pregnancy through abortion, you should have the option of walking away. Get that mess out of here. You had a darn choice: use your own freaking condoms.

      Lemme guess. Scheming women trick poor innocent men like Scrappy. There are plenty of men proud to take care of their kids that hang pictures of them in their offices and are just there. You were too IRRESPONSIBLE. You threw your choice down the drain. People don’t have a CHOICE after kids are born. You have choices to prevent pregnancies. Men want to be irresponsible and not use protection and trust that their booty calls are telling the truth about their birth control.

      You sound like a man child. You act like you’re too freaking stupid to know what could potentially happen from having sex.

      USE A CONDOM! That’s your freaking choice. After you refuse to do so, shut the heck up and be an adult. You can’t go around impregnating a bunch of women because didn’t use a condom and saying that you have no responsibility. There are too many irresponsible and selfish BOYS who think just like you.

      Lemme guess. Your baby mommas must be draining you? Should’ve wrapped up there buddy.

    • Paul


      I’m not American and I live in a country where men walk away from unwanted impregnancies if that’s what they choose to do.

      So er “shoulda wrapped it up there buddy” backatya.

      Furthermore, I hope that all your future attempts to gloat at the prospect of innocent people’s suffering are frustrated. You are a despicable human being who will no doubt reap the harvest of your own cruelty.

      Lastly, since when does being able to avoid something amount to legal protection or even an option?

      Why don’t we tell women that they can avoid rape by not dressing provocatively or by avoiding the company of men altogether?

      because even if they did these things there is still a risk, so we protect people from rape, by having law enforcers and LEGAL punishments to deter rape and punish rapists.

      What you do is try to minimize the harm people suffer by giving them options in the event of a a failure to avoid an unwanted situation.

      If you failed to avoid a car accident, you have car insurance so that you can recover the costs of damage, we have hospitals so that people can get medical treatment if they’re hurt.

      If a woman has unwanted pregnancy she can get an abortion.

      But men have no legal remedies to minimize the consequences of unwanted impregnancy. Men have only the responsibility to avoid pregnancy.

      Meanwhile women have a range of options to call on in the event that they fail to avoid pregnancy.

      Get the hell outta here if you think that’s a situation that men should just accept.


    • my_reply

      Nope Pauley.

      I said that no one has an option after the kid is born. American men know that.p they can be forced to pay child support if a child pops up. They know they have few options when it comes to preventing pregnancies or terminating them, but they don’t use the one that is easy to do. These men know that when they lie down with a woman, there is a possibility that she can get pregnant. The only thing they can do to prevent that is wear a condom.

      Who are these innocent people suffering? Deadbeats who were too irresponsible to wrap it up? Deadbeats who don’t even want to take care of their children? LOL. You’ve got me rolling. The ones suffering are the children and their mothers. They are the ones dealing with the man and woman’s irresponsibility. The child might not be provided for. The woman has to raise and support the child. What is this man doing? He was also irresponsible but has no responsibility for his own child. No. He was irresponsible. Now there are consequences just like there were for the mother.

      Women can avoid being raped by dressing less provocatively? That has nothing to do with what I am talking about. A man does not have a right to a woman’s body. That is illegal. You can’t compare avoiding rape to avoiding pregnancy.

      You are saying that you should have a legal way to avoid pregnancies just like women. Well in America, we don’t have that option. We will probably never have that option. There’s just something about an irresponsible deadbeat not being held accountable that makes Americans go “UGHH”! Americans understand that it takes two to tango, and that men can’t go around impregnating women all over the country and walking away from responsibility. Also taxpayers would prefer mothers get help from the father who is responsible rather than the government through programs.

      No, no, no. Men like having sex. They like to not use condoms. They know the possibilities of having unprotected sex with a woman they are not committed to. They know there is no option for them to walk away in America. They know the situation and still act irrespnsibly. What is this magical deadbeat country you live in where the men impregnate women and roam around free from all responsibility?

      Kids cost money and need their fathers. America knows that. The slums and ghettos are full of fatherless homes and children. America would never make that an option.

    • my_reply

      Pauley, are you one of these deadbeats that I keep calling irresponsible? Did you walk away from your child in your magical deadbeat country? Do you see nothing wrong with creating children and not raising them? Do you wish irresponsible American men were free like the men of your country? Do you have buddies who walk away from their kids too? Do the men there not know how to use condoms? Did anyone ever tell you all that having sex can lead to pregnancies? Did no one tell you all that some women lie about birth control? I’m curious.

    • 726

      This comment seems inflammatory on purpose.

    • my_reply

      I wish. I’ve seen videos of men on YouTube saying that men should be able to have a choice to walk away from fatherhood just like women have the right to an abortion. I’ve seen videos of men on YouTube saying that men should be able to make a woman that they impregnated get an abortion. They are part of that whole MRA movement.

    • Valentina

      I agree. Why even bother engaging with this guy, his mindset is so ridiculous it doesn’t even deserve a response. It’s like having a conversation with someone who honestly believes the world is flat. Whatever, move along, don’t waste your breath.

  • Lorri

    I get we don’t have to be together, but when does that mean, since we aren’t, I don’t wanna pay for OUR kid while I’m not with you? That is ignorance at it’s finest and a man who doesn’t know how to say (IN WORDS) I was only paying because we were together. now, that I’m not and don’t have to keep you satisfied, I’d rather spend my money on something else. Bizarre…..

    • 726

      That is stupidity, not ignorance.

    • Hehe

      Their tantamount to each other.

    • 726

      They are tantamount to each other, but a man not wanting to pay for his child unless he is with the mother is rooted in absurdity rather than ignorance, because what is he being ignorant about?

  • beks

    “the minimum amount that should be paid” – this is an often overlooked point. great job at breathing new thoughts into an old issue.

  • I hear so many opinions about child support and what missing from the conversation is how this affects the children. It is sad that the children suffer and don’t get what they need to thrive. Although some mothers don’t always use the money the way they should there are just as many fathers who don’t pay child support. All the while the children continue to suffer.
    When did it become about the parents and stop being about the children. Culturally our children are struggling due to a lack of a strong family dyad and people want to argue semantics.
    This is old and it’s stupid, we need to come together and argue for equality, love, and support of these children.
    My daughter is 16 and her father has never paid child support (except when he goes to jail and bonds himself out). My husband and I have always taken care of my daughter. Her biological father has told me he does not pay because I can take care of her. I don’t argue with that, so you would think then he would try to spend time with her, but nope he doesn’t do that either. If he did pay child support she would have that much more… and a better nest egg for college of whatever we deemed important for to have. I just say it’s his loss because she is figuring out that his lack of support is not right no matter how he rationalizes it.

  • Merci

    LOL. I thought the same thing.