He’s baa-aack! Russell Edgington is in the house! Now we’re getting somewhere, “True Blood.”

But I can’t start the recap with the return of the King. Let’s get the eleventybillion B plots out of the way. Some hooting yahoos in a pick-up truck and creepy masks are killing shifters. Sam was shot, then Luna. (I hope she is still alive, because I dig the actress.) Thankfully, Luna’s wolf puppy scampers away to safety. Lafayette is still embroiled in brujo madness. And while we still don’t know where Jesus’s body is, his head is delivering messages to Lala and his mama. Terry and his army buddies are being chased by an ifrit — a fire monster kinda thing — for their slaughter of innocent Afghans. This storyline makes me uncomfortable — when it isn’t boring me. How will I ever love Terry Bellefleur again after seeing him shoot an old woman in cold blood? As for the dimwitted duo of Jason and Andy? Naked … fairy … vampire … parents …. Blah.

Now, about my girl Tara. How hot did she look in her Fangtasia gear? It seems like maybe Tara is starting to get a feel for how cool her current supernatural situation is, thanks to Jessica. I loved their conspiratorial girlfriend bonding. But Tara, girl, drinking from your new BFF’s ex? Not cool. I had high hopes for Pam’s parenting skills, but it turns out she’s kind of a white, female, supernatural James Evans — all bluster and threats of violence. I understand Pam’s a little stressed, what with the breakup with Eric and running Fangtasia on her own, but I’m going to need her to read some modern vamp parenting manuals and treat Tara with some sort of compassion.

Alcide tried to give Sookie a little compassion (in the form of hot, werewolf lovin’), but thankfully was derailed by the arrival of Eric and Bill — and the return of the Schnapps Sookie was drowning her sorrows in last week. Can I just say I like Sookie a lot better when she’s feeling a little sorry for herself. She’s got her snark set on stun. More of this Sookie, please.

The clock is ticking for Vampire Icy Hot and Vampire Mopey Reb. (@artistlisamb) They enlist Sookie’s fairy skills to lead them to Russell’s lair. And they find him, along with the rats and humans he’s been feeding from. “True Blood” wants us to think Eric’s sister-lover was Russell’s savior, but you know it was Salome, right? I am so excited to see the magnificent Denis O’Hare (Russell Edgington) back again. He makes everything better. I’m ready to see him chew some scenery in grand, camp fashion. But from the previews it looks like he might chew a chunk out of Sookie first (fingers crossed).

In this fifth episode of the season, I think “True Blood” is hitting its stride. And (bonus!) it didn’t piss me off with race failure this week. Maybe we can credit this to the episode’s writer, who, according to Television Without Pity, is Angela Robinson, a sister who wrote and directed D.E.B.S., has written for “The L Word” and “Hung,” and is co-penning a supernatural teen thriller.

What are your thoughts on Sunday night’s episode?

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  • Misty_Moonsilver

    The BEST episode this season!
    It’ll be hard to top! Every second something was happening!
    I’m glad Tara is okay and yes she looked HOTTTT!