It’s no secret that sales at Wet Seal, the Orange County, California, teen apparel clothier, have been steadily declining. Now they’re facing more trouble as three former managers have filed a lawsuit against them, claiming Wet Seal discriminates against its African-American workers.

The lawsuit alleges that Wet Seal fired and denied promotion to its employees of color. These discriminatory policies comply with the company’s alleged philosophy that white workers better fit the “brand image.”

One of the employees even claimed she was replaced by a white employee who had less experience after hearing her manager say she wanted a worker with “blonde hair and blue eyes.”

In the wake of the race discrimination lawsuit, CEO Susan McGalla has been fired without a replacement. The company is denying the allegations.

Clutchettes, have you ever experienced race discrimination on the job? What do you think of the lawsuit against Wet Seal? If you are a patron of the retail chain, will you continue to shop there after hearing of the lawsuit?

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  • Rosey

    I NEVER get good service in Wet Seal. It’s like they train their pple to be rude and not even say hello. I’ve been to multiple Wet Seals in multiple cities. I never buy anything from there for that reason. Anyone else experience this?

  • E.M.S.

    The issue concerns a specific region where one of the stores is located, not the entire company. I shop there all the time and I see a very diverse group of employees at every store (I live in the SF Bay Area).

    But considering it’s the O.C., nobody should be surprised. They’re stuck up & racist in that area. I would personally never go looking for a job in that region for this very reason.

  • Cree

    Well….I actually worked there. My store managare was Asian, and assistant manager was a mixed Puerto Rican/Black girl. I am a black girl. I lived in AZ when I worked there. If anything, maybe it was just the particular store managers of these women filing the claim? And also, I have shopped at wetseal.com for years. Everytime I go I have been proud to notice a black model in the new season’s campaign.

    I no longer work for them because in general retail is crap. But if you are looking to boycott (if you even shop there), take a visit to your local wet seal and then see if you get that vibe.

  • This is just so very, very sad! Come on people WAKE UP!