We live in an instant culture. These days, instead of standing in line to cop our favorite artists’ album, we listen to the leak online. The music industry has been feeling the growing pains. These days, going multi-platinum is rare. Unlike back in the day when albums went double platinum on the regular, going gold is once again seen as success. But every now and then an album comes along that grabs folks’ attention and forces them to plunk down their hard-earned cash.

Although I love music, I haven’t purchased many albums lately. I usually save my cash for up-and-coming artists who may not get a second shot at a project if they don’t move units. But big artists? I’ll probably add them to my Spotify playlist or, *shhhhh* download them … illegally. But there’s one album I’m buying when it hits stores tomorrow: Nas’ Life Is Good.

It’s no secret; I’m a huge Nas fan. Illmatic is one of the reasons I’m a writer today, and his artistry has continued to amaze me throughout the years. But I’m not a blind stan, I understand Nasir has had a few lyrical missteps over the years (and let’s not get into that whole Gwyneth Paltrow thing), but Life Is Good is an amazingly consistent and sonically beautiful album. From bass-heavy songs like “The Don” to more introspective tunes like “Stay” and “Bye Baby,” Nas delivered another classic album.

What was the last album you bought? 

Check out ‘Bye Baby’ and listen as Nas talks openly about his marriage to Kelis.

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  • msme

    I heard mixed reviews on the Glasper album but perhaps it deserves a shot; you are right it is extremely rare o play a whole album without skipping over at least 2 songs

  • T.

    The Bright Lights EP, by Gary Clark Jr. Really looking forward to his album later this year.

    Last full-length album was “Beautiful Imperfection” by Aṣa.

  • Taryn H.

    Vows by Kimbra is the last album I bought, I love so much it’s been in heavy rotation since it’s May 22nd US release

  • Lmaoo I’m the only pop music fan huh? I really liked Katy Perry’s Firework song so I downloaded her album ( free) and I really liked it. I went and bought the physical cd for my car. lol Before that Monica’s latest and Santigold