“Give light and people will find the way.” –Ella Baker

How many times have you heard a Negative Nancy complain about every single part of her life? Her family hates her, her job sucks, the people she dates are horrible, and she walks around angry and upset with life.

Just last night a friend posted a question on Facebook asking, “Who f—ks you more, your boo or life?” She picked life. I understood. She’d been through some tough things, but instead of continuing to be positive about the future, she seemed to always have a negative outlook — about everything.

It’s easy to become pessimistic, especially when you’ve had to deal with your share of ups and downs. The challenge is to face those things, move on, and come out on the other side thankful you made it and hopeful for all the good things to come.

When we constantly put out negative energy, we shouldn’t be surprised when we get it right back. I mean, if I constantly talk about hating my job, my job will not get any better; I’ll find more and more things to hate. However, if I wake up thankful and knowing my day will be great (in spite of my job), I’m sure I’ll find something that makes me happy.

What we get from the world is often an extension of the energy we put out. Control your energy and you’ll be able to control how you react to life’s challenges and triumphs.

Happy Thursday!

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  • shadow

    So true!!! I am a living example of getting off the “Blue Funk Mood” wagon as I called it. When I stopped sulking & changed my attitude my mood, health, out look on life and everything else got better. Granted the fact I still struggle with things,we all do & all will, but how I handle & view the situations now makes it a better happy ending :)

  • shadow

    BTW That’s a beautiful pic. It looks so peaceful.
    The girl is taking & giving all positive energy…blue has always been one of my fav. colors:)

  • OSHH

    True, as hard as it can be sometimes, it is better to remain hopeful for better days and things to come and I love that pic.

  • Me

    So true about the negative energy. I had to stop dealing with a friend whom I’d known since a child a few years ago because everything in her life was horrible, and never her fault. It was emotionally draining having to hear her woe is me stories everyday. Although, bad stuff always happens in life, you always have to look at the fact you made it another day, when others your age may have not.

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