The innovation and creativity of nail art always amazes me. From recent trends like the caviar mani to 3-D nails, there’s no shortage of imaginative ways to dress your digits.

The latest sensation calls on one of fall’s more prominent trends — velvet — by creating a way to mimic the material on your nails. As Necole Bitchie reports, the velvet manicure “is a combination of layering a matte polish paired with a powdery texture that looks like crushed velvet for a very textured effect.”

The velvet manicure nail kit, a collaboration between Ciaté (responsible for the caviar manicure) and Leah Light, is now available at Sephora. offers instructions for applying velvet manis:

-Apply your first coat of color on one nail at a time, and apply a generous sprinkle of crushed velvet to each wet nail.
-Use the black brush to sweep away any excess velvet, which can be captured in the accompanying tray. Don’t discard it; pour it back into the bottle.
-Because of the 3-D texture, there’s no need for a top coat.

The groundbreaking look will undoubtedly be a hit this fall among beauty mavens who love embracing the new and the next.

Is this a look you would rock, Clutchettes? What do you think of the velvet manicure?

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  • Hehe

    Hell nah!

  • binks

    It looks kind of cute, I can see rocking this for Fall/Winter.

  • who run the world?…GOD

    The nails are cute but it doesn’t seem hygienic with the velvet picking up bacteria and how long would this last after constantly washing your hands or taking showers?

  • Very cute. So long as its waterproof/stain resistant (I love BBQ, spaghetti, ect), I’d def wear this look

  • NailGeek

    Ciate is NOT responsible for the Cavier manicure or this one, the cavier was coined by Pattie Yankee prior to Ciate, and was kept alive throughout blogger tutorials online, the Velvet one is another created by Nail Bloggers, Ciate is becoming notorious for finding these tutorials and marketing them as there own creation. (They even told these bloggers to stop using the name Cavier manicure BEFORE they even had the trademark…because it wasn’t Ciate’s creation) They make you think you need to pay $25+ to buy the kits they sell when bloggers had been creating these looks using craft store products for years. At a fraction of the cost.