When Beyoncé stepped out with box braids, we knew either one of two things would happen: The style would catch on as the new look du jour or folks would slam the hairstyle as dated. The latter occurred among men, according to the site What Would A Man Do. Author Guerdley Cajus took the time to compile six quotes from men who dislike box braids. Here are excerpts:

“Box braids are fine if you’re a 12-year-old or a 60-year-old going on a Tom Joyner cruise, b. Just get your hair done. Braids speak lazy and they don’t look good. Bey is a beauty. She looks like her fans now… homely and what not. If she wants to show us something new … she should show us her real hair, a new cut. I don’t like braids on Solange either, but I kinda get it. She’s boho, she’s away from the spotlight and has in-between hair I’m sure and isn’t that cute so… Women will catch a fit if a dude has cornrows. The same should apply to them.” —Chris Law, 29

“I hate them. In what world are dooky braids sexy? Some women like Janet and Beyoncé look good in that look because they naturally look good – no help to the braids. Just like girls who cut their hair, a pretty girl can get away with it, but that doesn’t mean she should or that it like enhances her in any way.” –Daniel, 21

“I haven’t seen any girl look good in it at all. Honestly, and when it’s trailing down to your butt all extra long and extravagant for no reason, I think it’s ridiculous. Nothing’s better than natural hair. Even if it’s short and simple, that’s better than long, silly, and fake.” –Greg, 22

Well, then! Guerdley also includes one positive quote and this insightful anecdote: “I find it borderline oppressive for men to denounce convenient female fashion options like box braids and wedges.”

We don’t expect every man to like every hairstyle. Everything ain’t for everybody. But forgive us if we take these criticisms with a grain of salt. After all, the same men who criticize weave fantasize about celebrities who wear it religiously. And if a woman loves a style, she should rock it proudly no matter what anything thinks.

What are your thoughts on box braids and the fact that some men dislike them? Clutchettes, do you factor male opinion into your hairstyle choices?

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  • oshanae

    Well since fellas can speak there opinions. Let me say this im sick of seeing men over 21 on facebook taking pics of their snapsback and their sneaker collection saying check my swag. We women can where our hair however we want at the end of the day they not the ones who have take care of it.

  • Anon

    The real issue is why ya’ll are paying this dude and any like him ATTENTION and giving his opinion some weight in your life.

    He doesn’t like box braids and neither does the crew he hangs with. Okay.

    Your next door neighbor might not like them either. And they have more relevance in your life.