File this under adorable things for young Beyoncé fans to do with their copious free time. YouTube user kkpalmer1000, who looks to be all of 13 years old, decided to remake Beyoncé’s “Countdown” video, frame for frame — and he nails it. Everything from the choreography to the facial ticks is successfully executed. It’s got all the makings of a viral video classic. Favorite parts: when he dons four different colored Snuggies to match the chanteuse’s multicolored leotard shots and when he turns to the side for the big reveal circa the :36 mark:

At the time of this posting kkpalmer1000’s video counted 34,995 at YouTube, but once the counter catches up to all the clicks, this thing is sure to weigh in at more than a few million views.

What do you think!?

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  • Brit

    he was giving you sets. choreography. cinematography. costume changes. and of course LIFE.

    • jawgapeach

      Lol mfing el. Why did I read this in Kid Fury’s voice? He will be snatching lacefronts offa less dedicated Bey stans right along w/ Blue Ivy. Talent. For.the. Gods!

    • Yes Gawd!

  • mikey kun

    love it

  • A remake of a remake! talk about META! This kid did a GREAT job!