When I’m not writing, I spend a fair amount of time link surfing—basically, clicking on links to interesting things that come across my Facebook and Twitter feeds. While most of what’s shared is either news or lackluster blogs, sometime I come across a site that’s really, really great.

While I’ve shared my affection I Am the NuBlack, Street Etiquette, and of course, my favorite male bloggers, there are so many others that I adore.

So because it’s Friday and you may be looking to fill those last few hours at  work while you countdown to the weekend, here are a few more blogs to keep on your radar.


Everything about this site is so pretty: the design, the content, and the beautiful images that are shared. When I need a shot of creative inspiration or I just want to get some new ideas for my wardrobe (or home), I visit Andrea Pippins’ stylish blog.

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