After the monumental success of Oprah’s Next Chapter with Rihanna, folks have been debating about who Oprah should interview next.

Between her uncanny ability to get people to open up about their deepest thoughts and feelings and her ability convince just about anyone on to take a load off on her couch, many of Oprah’s fans have been kicking around their celebrity wish list. While there are scores of people I’d like to see on her couch (uh, hello D’angelo and Sade), here are a few that we’d most certainly set our DVRs for.

Lauryn Hill

I know some of you are suffering from Lauryn Hill fatigue, but getting Ms. Hill to sit down with Oprah would be a coup. Despite not putting out an album in nearly 15 years, folks still love them some L-Boogie and she’s got a story that is rife for telling. Between her current legal woes, the nonstop rumors about her mental state, her relationship with Rohan, the Fugees reunion that never was, and her notoriously private life, I’m sure their chat would be one for the record books. Too bad, Ms. Hill put the kibosh on sitting down with Oprah. I’m still holding out hope, though.

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  • Child, Please

    I really don’t want to see any of these. I’m sure she can get a compelling interview out of all of them, but I’d love for the interviewees to be a bit more diverse than, um, celebs. I remember people wanted her to interview the bus monitor who was bullied, but I don’t know whether or not she pursued that and was turned down or not. I wouldn’t mind her featuring a politician; I’d like to see Cory Booker, someone people may know of or know about but doesn’t have the same visibility as say the Obamas (who I don’t want her to interview again). I also would like to see her do Robin Roberts; I’d love to hear more about her story and how she overcomes her obstacles. I know ABC may get the first dibs with Barbara Walters, but I think Oprah would be able to pull that off much better.

    • Oprah actually did an in-depth interview on Cory Booker on the show earlier in the season. It was incredible. You should definitley check it out :)

  • Ms. Information

    Katie Holmes would be an interesting interview…how she escaped Scientology…..the cast of A Different World now would be fun…and Morgan Freeman…I really need to know what happened between him and his grandaughter…

    • African Mami

      I’ve not tuned to Oprah in years, if she had Katie on, to just address this Scientology sheenanigans, I’m innnnnnnnnn!!

  • Child, Please

    Clutch, you really need to fix the moderation. I’m sure my comment didn’t have anything offensive in it. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I know I didn’t swear, attack another commenter or the like. Please tell me why it’s in moderation?