As a woman, it makes sense to have multiples in our closets. Everything from shoes and belts, even similar styled shirts or jeans. It’s the same for our handbags. While you don’t necessarily need to splurge on the latest from your favorite designer, we do recommend owning the essentials.

Here are five worth having in your collection:

The Everyday

Simple, sophisticated and fully functional should describe your everyday bag. It should have the ability to transform from day to night. A standard black, navy or tan is appropriate for any setting. To store anything extra, opt for a design that has tons of zippers and compartments.

The Tote

A fashionable combination between a purse and a briefcase, the tote is a trendy way to carry those items you prefer not to carry around. It’s perfect for the busy college student or the working mom but equally as stylish.

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  • Ange B

    All these bags make sense when you think about it and I am glad/sad to say I have many of each…I do divide my bags up between seasons like Winter (durable, darker colours) vs Summer bags that are lighter not ideal to get wet). And then I have my steady work bag((lots of compartments & holds my lunch) and a weekend (crossbody) when out and about. Tote for when I take night classes and I do use the evening bag/clutch for special occasions. So for me they hit right on the money in terms of use. I think these are pretty good bags to own, A tote/weekend bag could be combined into one if you get one large enough for your needs).

  • terri a.

    I’m a tote type of chick… I absolutely love large bags! Any good websites you wanna recommend with reasonably priced bags?

  • TJH

    I’m the cross-body Queen. I love having my hands free. I’m also a huge fan of a tote. My every day work bag is a large, black leather tote with enough room for my ipad, a pair of flats, water bottle, work files, wallet, glasses and everything else I can think of as “essential” when I travel from point A to point B. A nice strong zipper is also key for me. I hate the idea of items bouncing out accidentally. I’m also a fan of season options for each. Although all of my favorite bags are either dark brown or black, or a combination of the two, I feel like I need spring/summer counterparts to these bags as well. This is not an excuse to accumulate more bags. ;-)

  • Ollie

    FANTAAAASTIC!!!! I feel so in the loop because I totally have all of these types!!!! I’m becoming more partial to the cross body and want to invest more in those! All these bags are essential to a woman and a must have…Definetly!!! Kuddos Krys!!!!

  • Shaquana F. Jordan

    I think I have every bag! My everyday for work and shopping, my tote for meetings, my cross body for when I’m out on the go, my clutch for parties and other events, and my weekender for overnight trips. My favorite is my everyday bag because of the different compartments to hold all my stuff.