People shy away from considering wearing locs, or say they do not like them, for many reasons, most of which are based on misconceptions. The following locs myth list was compiled by Ansylla of My Hairitage Holistic Hair Care, which is located in Maryland. Along with hair services, My Hairitage offers various natural hair and advanced loc techniques and workshops in the US and abroad.

Locs are dirty.
I’m not sure why many feel that locs are not, and/or cannot, be shampooed as frequently as desired. Even in the early stages, locs can be shampooed as needed. Locs are hair. Good hygiene dictates that hair—all hair—be shampooed regularly.

There are no hard and fast rules about shampooing locs because everyone is different. Some people have scalp conditions that require more frequent shampooing. But the fact remains that manicured locs are as clean as any other hairstyle choice.

Locs are unprofessional—(not accepted in corporate America).
Realistically, there are people who have misconceptions about locs and some of these people are in hiring positions. However, if one were to poll loc wearers, one would find that there are many successful loc wearers in almost every profession: doctors, attorneys, teachers, corporate executives, realtors, banking industry, sales professionals. The list could go on and on.

All loc wearers choose locs for spiritual reasons.
While there is definitely a community for which this statement is true, it is not true for all loc wearers. Some choose locs simply as a style for a number of reasons. There should be mutual respect from and for both groups.

Locs provide limited style options.
Locs are actually quite versatile. They can be curled, styled in updo’s, crinkled, cut in various popular styles, and colored. The key is to find a competent stylist to help you explore all of your styling options.

Locs are maintenance free.
When you see a head full of beautiful, healthy, manicured locs, a lot of work and commitment to care has been involved. Healthy hair requires care no matter how it is worn. If locs are your style of choice, be committed to caring for them properly.

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– Laquita Thomas-Banks

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