“Sparkle” hits theaters today and the promotion engine is in full-gear. The movie is receiving a lot of media attention due to the untimely passing of Whitney Houston, who plays the role of “Emma,” mother to three budding stars.

Though the plot isn’t entirely new, the “Sparkle” story is more deep, provocative and touching than most coming-of-age musicals you’ve seen before. Here are five reasons you should see it this weekend.

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  • Summer

    I just saw it, good movie. I highly recommend it.

  • Lynette

    Carmen Ejojo in her “first role”?!! Are you serious? I remember her from “Lackawanna Blues”, “Pride and Glory” and the HBO Bio on Martin Luther King Jr., “Boycott”, where she worked w/ her husband Jeffrey Wright. She’s got about 20 more acting credits behind her name. Please research your subjects before you write your articles.

    • sundea

      She wrote first MAJOR role. Not discounting her past acting credits.

    • Lynette

      The author has gone back and edited her article.

    • She was also the lead in movie about Thomas Jefferson and his mistress. It didn’t go to the movies but I would consider it a major role.

  • Lynette

    My other comment appears to have been lost in space. This is not Carmen Ejogo’s first role. A quick review of IMDB shows at least 20 acting credits to her name.

  • Riley

    It was a good movie. I enjoyed it and I thought the movie delivered in its own way.