5 TWAs We Love


While much adieu is made of long, billowing afros, TWAs are just as striking and beautiful. The TWA, or teeny weeny afro, is a halo of coiled curls, rocked proudly by women, who braved the big chop. Viola Davis made the style famous at the 2012 Oscars and other luminaries have sported the look onstage, at photoshoots and even on film sets. Here are five such women we love.

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  • ruggie

    I love this list especially the variety of textures. When you have a TWA sometimes people want to pressure you to grow it out or “texturize” (loosen the curl & add goop) which is a shame because it’s the one style that really lets you enjoy the ease of natural hair. It’s a very flattering look.

  • ALM

    Everyone looks great with their twa. I must say that Bre is strikingly gorgeous in the header picture.

  • When I’m not bored with my TWA (cute name, BTW), and consider coloring or texturizing it, I fully enjoy the simplicity and ease of it. I do have a well-shaped head! However, I just wish that I could find products to allow my snappy, nappy, bbs be soft, mosturized and healthy. I hate greasy feeling hair. Any ideas?