We all know how impressionable children can be. They’re watching when we aren’t looking, absorbing when we don’t realize it, mimicking our mannerisms and figures of speech before we fully notice. If you’re not careful, a kid can become your behavioral doppelganger before you know it. While this is a great thing, if the kids in your life see you reading, going to sleep at a sensible hour, exchanging polite gestures and pleasantries with strangers, and generally being an upstanding citizen, it can be a real source of chagrin if they hear you cursing frequently, gossiping voraciously, or generally being a rageaholic.

There’s a viral video circulating, via World Star Hip Hop (so you know what’s coming) in which three girls recount a beef their having with another girl named Summer. There’s quite a bit of repetition about slapping her, beating her a–, and effing her up. There’s an adult (or, at least an older teen) taping this, who can be heard chuckling at some of their aggression and foul language, and while some viewers find it humorous, others are taking the girls’ parents/guardians to task for their behavior.

Even if the kids you know aren’t picking up anything so extreme from you, it’s always a good idea not to let your guard too far down in front of them. If you’ve ever been on the phone with a friend and forgotten you were babysitting, only to have the four-year-old walk up to you later and ask, “What does ‘ratchet’ mean?” you can probably attest to this.

Have you ever been surprised by a child mimicking something you did?


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