New York Fashion Week is fast approaching. While many will stay glued to all the happenings in and around Lincoln Center, not everyone is excited about the bi-annual fashion event. In some corners, folks don’t buy into the Fashion Week hype because of the perception that the fashion industry is exclusionary and the clothing is neither affordable nor accessible.

Yes, some of those points are valid but fashion week is not all bad. Here are five reasons that we think it might be worth paying attention to.

Click through to see all the reasons, Clutchettes!

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  • omfg

    i watch the shows when they are posted on various youtube channels.

  • Val

    Fashion Week is not into me as a Black woman, so I’m not into Fashion Week. If Fashion Week ever becomes more inclusive and hires a decent amount of Black models and includes Black designers then I might reconsider. I might.

    • omfg

      just wondering, do you only buy clothes from black designers?

    • Val

      As a matter of fact, I do. Non-Black designers do not use Black women, for the most part, in their advertising, so I respond by not buying their clothes, handbags, shoes, etc.

    • Robin

      Val, does that also apply to makeup? I’m sure that kohl liner around your eyes wasn’t made my black a black woman.

    • adiatc

      I attended a smaller show of emerging designers at NYFW this past February. Out of 6 designers, 4 of them were Black! Do some research and keep an open mind.