Good news, Clutchettes!

As we continue to roll out new features and refine the site a bit, we’re introducing a new way for you to express yourself—The CLUTCH community forum!

Whether you want to share stories, swap gossip, meet-up with other Clutchettes, or just speak your mind, the CLUTCH community form is all yours.

While we’ll be posting links to articles some of the time, the forum is for you and will be powered by you. So, get in there, discuss, and make it what you want.

Visit the CLUTCH community forum here

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  • The Comment

    I’d like to thank Clutch for changing for the better. I’ve been on here for a year and a half. I can’t leave the house w/o giving my two cents. You do an excellent job keeping me abreast of culture with an emphasis on black culture. A very fine line to balance.

    A Big shout out to African Mami, James from Philly, Binks. Unlike me they are very polite and offer good talking points.

    I have much love for the Black Police (YB, Colette and others) for validating my fears that people do think that way.

    I like the daily inspiration stories.

    Keep up the good work.

    Would it bee to sexist to have a hunk of the week???? Just askin’

    • African Mami

      awww, mama!! I did not know that my craziness was good talking points, but I’ll take that. Thanks.

      Yes, LAWWWD. I nominate our resident male commentor, RAVI as a starting point. Hallelujah!

      CLUTCH, I’m sooo very proud, if ya’ll don’t already know. Shourr outs to my girl, Brit. SONGS OF SOLOMON!

    • The Comment

      *correction* I do give good talking points!

      who is RAVI???

    • African Mami

      my Clutch crush….he may appear, here to bless us with his foiiiness or should I say bless, ME!

      YES u does. —-> @correction

    • LOL. You crack me up.

      You know I’m always down for a lil eye candy. I’ll take it to the team to discuss!

    • Child, Please

      +1 on that hunk of the week. I just saw Usher’s Dive video and it’s giving There Goes My Baby/Burn/ and alll of the 8701 vibe! He brought the sexiness! I’ll also take mail-ins from men who cruise through the site and wanna brag!

  • shadow

    Y’all are too funny! Clutch & commentators brighten my day as well and have been for over a year now,too. This is actually the first site I have ever consistently read & commented on. Guess I’m on my way to the forum!

  • MissAnthropist

    A forum full of angry, Black, (mostly) unattached women who hate on any one or thing “lighter” than them? Without (at least) the contrasting view of Black men? NO AND THANK YOU. Laughing hilariously at the idea. Good luck with that. My prediction: Rampant online catfighting in 3, 2, 1…