Last night during the RNC, I knew something went awry when I noticed Bebe Winans was a trending topic on Twitter. I thought to myself, “Has the Twitter killed off another celebrity?”, “Did Bebe Winans beat another women?”, but one click of his name proved otherwise.  Bebe Winans was on stage performing his new single “America America” at the RNC! That’s right Bebe, go ‘head and sing that song for all of those Republicans, because they’re all about that bipartisanship, that you were supposedly trying to prove when you agreed to perform. Of course this gesture had many people to speculate on his political affiliations.

As a person that has never followed gospel music, and always confused Bebe and CeCe Winans as a husband and wife duo, instead of brother and sister, I’m not sure why some people found it shocking for him to choose to sing for the RNC.  Because you know, all Republicans believes in those good Christian values, that I’m sure Bebe Winans possess as well.

In an interview with Essence, before he went on stage, he was asked if he was aware of the implications his performance could cause, “This is something most artists would fight to get, and I realize it’s huge. But I didn’t ask to be placed in this position. When they came to me, two things popped in my head. The RNC realized this was something that could work to their advantage and I realized there is a master plan here. And so my message to them and to the world is that we are all Americans before we are a part of any political party. It’s so simple and yet we make it so difficult.”

First, let me address this “I didn’t ask to be placed in this position”.

Mr. Winans, with all due respect, I’m pretty sure the RNC didn’t shackle you backstage and treated you like Toby and made you sing your pretty little song on stage. Yes, I just made a slavery reference, but that’s besides the point.  What makes matters worse is that Bebe Winans supposedly did not receive one brown penny for his performance at the RNC. Mr. Bebe, if that’s the case, you’re doing it all wrong! Why not get that RNC money? They have tons of it just laying around in those Cayman Island Banks! Have you seen Romney’s tax records? No? Well neither have we, but we know about the millions. Forget about Arab money, RNC money is where it’s at!

Secondly, lets take a look at his other statement, “this is something most artists would fight to get”. I think he’s missing an integral word. Let me rephrase that for him, “this is something most REPUBLICAN artists would fight to get”.

Now, I’m not going to fault Bebe for being a Republican. Black Republicans are everywhere. I’ve met a few since living in the D.C area, and they’re quite an interesting bunch. Some are a little louder and more boisterous than others, but then you have the quiet ones, the ones that have ultra conservative views but tend to keep them to themselves.  I’m going to assume Bebe is one of those, but I could be wrong.  Bebe sang that song with all his heart, as massa, I mean, the attendees cheered him on.  It’s ok to be a Republican, Bebe. Just admit it. The truth shall set you free. But I bet you won’t see Ted Nugent on stage at the DNC, doing whatever it is that he does.

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  • edub

    I meant to say quote directly AND in context….

    • edub

      Argh, this commenting is frustrating. This was in response to Val when she stated that I quoted Obama out of context. I wanted to say that by me using double quotations it implied that it was direct quote out of context.

  • Devontay

    Good job you people are crazy. Im an independent conservative. Not a republican I would have a hard time vote for any one in the republican are democrat partys right now . Why there fighting about everything things are getting real bad for alot of people in this country. Both partys have good ideas. It’s time they set down choose some and try to get something done. Yes I’m still voting Obama he is more of Blue dog thin most people think know matter what he says I look at what he’s done and still trying to do. I think it can work I still have Hope. I hope with my second vote for President Obama Change will come.

    • Keke

      Wow. I agree. But I’m sure most of the Republicans won’t buy it. They are more into fighting and filibustering than anything else.

  • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

    Black people are not monolithic. What the heck? Are we criticizing and chastising black people for being Republicans or not being Democrats now? I hope we have not sunk so low that even we cannot recognize us for the individuals we are.

  • Keke

    Dude can do what he wants as far as his views. I know I DON’T swing republican but whatever. But I was just confused and giving screwface because he campaigned for Obama and in an article just stated that he had NOT changed his affiliation and still was a registered democrat . So when I saw that he was on the RNC I did a Scooby Doo “Ruh? Ruh-uh!”