In case you ever wondered if racial profiling in stores is real, take the current lawsuit of luxury fragrance company, Bond no. 9, as possible evidence. Owner Laurice Rahme is being sued for $3 million dollars by former employees, Veronica Robledo and Karin Windmann.

Their accusations are inflammatory. Robledo claims that during her nine year tenure, she witnessed Rahme target black customers as potential thieves as soon as they entered the store. Rahme would even tip off security with the code “we need the light bulbs changed.”

Robledo, who is of Puerto-Rican descent, was forbidden from serving white customers because of her dark skin. She also recalls being accused of knowing a black person who shoplifted in another store based on race alone. “I was very offended,” she told The New York Daily News. “The last eight months were torture. I was afraid to speak to a black customer. ”

When Robledo and Windmann finally complained about the racism, Rahme fired both and accused them of stealing $25,000 of stock, which they deny.

Though Rahme does admit she uses the “light bulbs” code “to protect the girls” when somebody she perceives as suspicious enters the store, she denies the allegations. She offers up the fact that most of her workers are from minority groups and she used to date a black man which she supposes, means she couldn’t be racist.

She does, however, reveal this gem via New York Daily News: ” each time…stores were robbed “they were all African-American robbers.”


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  • “…..used to date a black man….”, damn that’s a good one haven’t heard this one before from a woman’s perspective. I’ll say this though Robledo sure has some thick skin to put up with this for nine years……..

  • drea

    i have often gone into high end stores, been followed by white sales personnel and literally watched white women rob them blind. I have been kind enough that when i paid for my items (making sure i use large bills. preferably hundreds because I’m usually a little peeved) to inform them of the theft , making sure that have long walked out the store. Just because i feel they deserve it for their absolute racial profiling.

  • mathew

    I own a store in NYC myself, and I have to do the same thing. Have my emloyees follow around Darkees bc of so much theft! I wish I could just stop them from coming in alltogether…

    • Travis

      Hey Mathew, what’s the difference between a pizza and a black man??? A pizza can feed a family of 5……hahaha

  • I am an avid collector of Bond. I do not shop at he Bond St location due to the nasty attitude a guy named James always has; I do remember Veronica helping me last summer. I heard last year about a couple employees doing dishonest things. At any rate I hope Lauruce is not a racist, it would be unfortunate his day and age. Welp.

  • James Huffman

    As a black man I am faced with profiling many times. So the story continues, only in this case my brother works as assistant to ms. Rahme. She works him like crazy.