Patricia Carroll, the CNN camerawoman pelted with peanuts and called an animal by two Republican National Convention goers, says she wasn’t surprised by the horrific incident.

“I hate that it happened, but I’m not surprised at all,” she told the Maynard Institute’s blog Journal-isms from Tampa.

Carroll, an Alabama native, explained: “This is Florida, and I’m from the Deep South. You come to places like this, you can count the black people on your hand. They see us doing things they don’t think I should do.”

CNN camerawoman harassed at RNCDespite the horrible experience, the 34-year-old is taking it in stride and hopes what happened to her isn’t used for political gain.

“This situation could happen to me at the Democratic convention or standing on the street corner. Racism is a global issue,” she explain, but noted that were weren’t many black women at the RNC.

Carroll says this incident should serve as a wake-up call to those thinking our country is somehow on the way to being post-racial.

“I can’t change these people’s hearts and minds,” Carroll said. “No, it doesn’t feel good. But I know who I am. I’m a proud black woman. A lot of black people are upset. This should be a wake-up call to black people. . . . People were living in euphoria for a while. People think we’re gone further than we have.”

Although she’s received several requests for interviews, Carroll hopes the interest in her story goes away so she can move on.

*Photos via AP Photo/David Goldma & Witchesbrewonline.com.

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  • jamesfrmphilly

    “This situation could happen to me at the Democratic convention”

    no, i could not. it is punk assed negroes like this who keep us all down.

    • chewy

      Actually. I think she was just trying to diffuse the situation. We all know that it would not have happened at a Democratic Convention but she probably doesn’t want to make it an “us vs. them” thing.

    • edub

      I really like the way she handled the situation. I probably would have went BALLISTIC.

      James, LOL. When I think of punk assed negros, I think of none other than those in black communities across the nation terrorizing others with violence. Did you mean those?

    • jamesfrmphilly

      “she probably doesn’t want to make it an “us vs. them” thing”

      but it IS us vs. them…..

    • ?

      Im wondering if you got her statement misconstrued. I dont think she was trying to say the democrats are just as bad as the republicans. I think she was trying to say that white folks are racist everywhere.

    • jamesfrmphilly

      it was the republican white people who assaulted her.
      why not say that?

  • MrsC

    Racism is everywhere in every party.
    It is people like this from Philly with this type of thinking who keep some of us down. No one can keep me down!

    • jamesfrmphilly

      if you really think the democrat and republican are all the same than i cannot relate to you……God bless you

  • LaNubiana

    Only If white folks were as diplomat, accepting and understanding to out mishaps.

    I understand the direction she is trying to go about this. I believe she is trying to avoid the new comeback lol “reverse racism” whatever the hell that means, but it’s been used quite often after the election of Mr. Obama.

  • Echi

    She kept quiet because she didn’t want any backlash from CNN. CNN has some undercover conservative operatives pulling the strings at their joint.