Today is Monday, and I’m in no mood to beat around the bush, so let’s get started. Here are a few things we didn’t cover today, but thought you should know.

Sikh temple shooting suspect Wade Michael Page was white supremacist – I wonder why he isn’t being called a terrorist in the media? Had a Sikh man shot up a church, it would be plastered all over the news. Our prayers are with the families and the Sikh community. {CBS News}

Curiosity Mars-Rover Landing: “Everything Worked Perfectly” – The rover made it to Mars, everybody celebrate! {National Geographic}

Black Gymnasts Who Kicked Ass for Team USA – Oh, this is a good one! {Jezebel}

Extreme summer heat linked to climate change, scientists say – Well, duh. {LA Times}

Americans Spend Billions on Beauty Products But Are Not Very Happy – Maybe that’s why we spend so much? Hmm. {Jezebel 

AWWW! Sanya Richards-Ross’ NFL Husband Cheers Her On To Track GOLD! – Aww, how sweet! {theYBF}

Bonus: Happy 50th Independence Day to Jamaica and all of our Clutchettes and Gents from Jamrock!

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  • lola_z

    @Britni, thanks for the Independence Day shout out!!!

  • When I was watching the news the shooter at the Sikh temple was labeled a domestic terrorist.

    • omfg

      the high courts actually considered the kkk a terrorist group back in the day…

  • Thanks! Coming from a proud Jamaican who loves this site :-)

  • Lisss

    @Beauty is Diverse Thank you! I was actually surprised that for once a white man picked up a gun and no one was quick to say that he was mentally deranged. Even the Candian media was labelling him as a terrorist so i dont know where Clutch is getting their info. from…