No warm-up today, folks. Here are a few things we didn’t cover, but thought you should know. 

Nigeria church attack ‘kills 19’ – Our prayers are with the Nigerian people. {BBC 

Kanye West — Kim Kardashian’s My ‘PERFECT BITCH’ – Oh, how romantic. </sarcasm> {TMZ}

London 2012: seven Cameroonian athletes go missing from Olympics – Looks like they wanted a better life? But how will their defection affect their  countrymen back home? {TheGuardian}

‘Dark Knight’ copycat arrested at Ohio movie theater – What in the world is going on with these people? {NY Daily News}

Terrell Owens LANDS 1-YEAR Contact With Seattle Seahawks + President O. HOSTING Fundraiser With Basketball Greats Michael Jordan – Well, this is interesting. {theYBF}

How To Crip Walk: A Guide To Serena Williams’s Very American Gold Medal Celebration – You know, just in case you wanted to learn. {Deadspin}

Is global warming behind the recent heat waves? – I’m going to go with YES! The weather this year has been so funky. So real winter and a too-hot summer? Something’s up! {The Christian Science Monitor}

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