I’m not sure where you are in the world, but right about now it’s hotter than fish grease outside! So let’s just get to it, shall we?

Here are a few things we didn’t cover today but thought you should know. 

Family: Drive-By Due To Facebook Fight – Listen kids, nothing on Facebook is EVER this serious! {CBS DFW}

NYPD and Microsoft launch advanced citywide surveillance system – Big Brother watching. {The Guardian}

Flat-Faced Early Humans Confirmed—Lived Among Other Human Species – Very interesting stuff. {National Geographic}

Wis. temple shooter turned gun on himself: FBI – Contrary to first reports, the gunman in the Wisconsin shooting took his own life after he was shot once in the stomach by an officer on the scene. {CBS News}

La. charter school changing pregnancy policy – Looks like the school that required female students to take a pregnancy test if they are suspected to be pregnant has changed their minds. Looks like the pressure got them to fold. {Houston Chronicle}

Alicia Keys and Tyler Perry To Mentor on ‘America’s Next Top Model’ – Word on the street is Perry will give the contestants an acting test.  {Essence}

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  • Mademoiselle

    1. ANTM is still running?
    2. NY does so much policing from food consumption to strolling down the street… remind me again what’s so great about living there?
    3. Pressure my butt, that charter school realized they put their money in jeopardy… can’t keep the lights on if no one’s paying you to do so
    4. Between Wisconsin, Ohio, Colorado, I’m tempted to become a hermit