MARRIAGE OVER Evelyn Files for Divorce – Looks like this train wreck is pulling into the station. {TMZ}

George Zimmerman appeals for new judge in Trayvon Martin shooting – According to Zimmerman, Judge Kenneth Lester is biased against him and he wants him removed. Another ploy? {theGrio}

Watch the Throne’ documentary has Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith supporting Kanye West, Jay-Z – Looks like a documentary about Jay and Ye’s album is scheduled to debut at the Toronto Film Festival next month. {NY Daily News}

HIPS After Dark: Engaging Sex Work Communities Through Overnight Mobile Outreach – HIPS is a D.C.-area program that provides education and outreach to sex workers. These men and women are often times overlooked, but HIPS aims to reach them where they are. See how you can support. {GOOD}

French riots: Amiens crowd jostles Manuel Valls – Rioters clashed with French police in the northern city of Amiens, burning vehicles and injuring 17 officers. According to some residents, the riots are a result of aggressive policing. One woman told the BBC, “This is violence from anger! We’re not animals. We vote and pay our taxes like everyone.” To our French Clutchettes, be careful out there. {BBC}

Idris Elba Raps In New Video, Is Real Handsome About It – I mean, who doesn’t love Big Driis? {Jezebel}

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