Here are a few things we didn’t cover today, but totally thought you should know.

MEGADETH SINGER Obama ‘Staged’ Aurora Shooting Massacre – Sigh. This guy is clearly on that stuff. {TMZ}

Saudi Arabia plans new city for women workers only – In order to give women in the country more independence (while maintaining strict gender segregation), Saudi Arabia is planning an all-female city for female workers. {The Guardian}

Dallas mayor declares emergency over West Nile virus –  After an outbreak of West Nile virus and several deaths, the mayor or Dallas has declared a state of emergency. {Chicago Tribune}

‘Yo-yo dieting’ may not have lasting negative effects – So…it’s not bad for us after all? I’ll wait a few months for a conflicting study. {USA Today}

Gallup: No early bounce for Romney after VP pick – Looks like Romney didn’t get the reception he wanted from picking Paul Ryan to be his veep. {CBS News}

Rick Ross Talks Being A Correctional Officer With ROLLING STONE + Trey Songz DECLARES R. Kelly “King”…And ENDS Beef! – I can’t wait until a fat woman is topless on the cover. It’s only right. {theYBF}

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  • Pema

    I wish Rick Ross would wear a shirt. Ick…

    • Kristi

      Yes, please.

    • Patience

      Wear a shirt, lose about 170 lbs, stop that weird ‘hunh’ sound he makes in his music are all thinks I wish he would do.

    • @patience he does that cause he requires a minimum of 8 big macs per recording session and hes choking on pickles when he makes that noise. LMAOOOOOOOO

    • Patience

      Damn, I just caught my typo.

      Should say, “…THINGS I wish he would do.”

      Damn, EIGHT big macs?. I can barely eat one.

  • So dreamy! Now I feel like reading magazine in my bed!

  • JN

    Rick Ross is the male Rihanna. His music sucks, he never has a shirt like people care to see all of that, and he is always high enough to think he is relevant.

  • I live/work in Dallas, and have two co-workers who contracted West Nile this month. So crazy.