Here are a few things we didn’t cover today, but totally thought you should know. 

GOP Congressional Candidate Accuses His African-American Opponent Of Pretending To Be Black – So….he’s not black enough even though he’s black? {ThinkProgress}

‘Hard Knocks’: Dolphins cutting of Chad Johnson captured on TV – Welp, he wanted to be a star, right? {theGrio}

Gabby Douglas Gets A Makeover For America’s Got Talent – She looks FAB. {NecoleBitchie}

CDC Still Finds it Necessary to Publish Fattest State Report, Mississippi Crowned Fattest – America is getting fatter, does it matter which state is the fattest? {Frugivore}

Teaching Kids Manners Even If Adults Are Rude – Great piece. How is this even possible when our society has gotten increasingly rude? {theRoot}

Nas’ Ghostwriting Controversy and Why It Doesn’t Matter – My thoughts, exactly. {Spin}

Shocker: PA Judge Upholds Voter Disenfranchisement Law, Setting Up Chaos Like 2004 in Ohio – This could be bad, very bad. Democracy is definitely in trouble. {AlterNet}

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