96-year-old Woman Who Voted During Jim Crow Is Denied Photo ID – This is such a shame. We have to rectify these overbearing voter laws before this election gets stolen. {Nashville Scene 

Ex-teacher gets 5-year prison term for student sex – Why do teachers keep getting themselves mixed up in this? As a former teacher, I can’t begin to understand it. {Houston Chronicle}

Google’s Motorola hits Apple with new patent lawsuit – Apple sues Samsung, Samsung sues Apple. Apple pulls YouTube aps, and now Google sues Apple? Let the tech wars begin. {CNET}

Lil Wayne Gives Nicki Minaj Control Of Dedication 4 Freestyle – So this mean she’s go back to actually rapping? {MTV}

Scientists find new family of spiders, with fearsome claws, in Oregon cave – WTF? {Washington Post}

Rappers’ Delight: Nas Shoots “Bye Baby” Video With Lance Gross + Azealia Banks On Her Abusive Mother – Yeeeesssssssss my favorite song off the album. I hope the video is just as good. {theYBF}

More Seniors Living Longer, But More Are Obese: Report – So being fat won’t kill you? {Washington Post}

Chad Johnson, From Bad to Worse: He Faces Foreclosure, And Borrows From Private Investors! – Ok. He’s officially having the worst week EVER. {Gossip Extra}

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