Republican Source: Akin Moving To Withdraw – Looks like Mr. “Legitimate Rape” is getting out of the race. Good idea. {Buzzfeed}

Somalia Olympic runner ‘drowns trying to reach Europe’ – Wow…just wow. {the BBC}

Shooting of handcuffed Chavis Carter ruled suicide – This still sounds so wrong on every level. {Jet}

Solange Knowles Shows Off Her Brooklyn Home In Elle – Solo continues to shine as a style maven. We love it! {NecoleBitchie}

Augusta, home of the Masters, admits first female members – Condi Rice is one of two women admitted to Augusta. {Reuters}

We May Not Like What Rihanna Says About Chris Brown, But We’d Better Listen – I know I wrote about Rihanna today, but this was definitely a good read. {Jezebel}

THIS JUST IN: Will Nicki Minaj Become The New “American Idol” Judge? – Oh, dear. Will Roman sit in, too? {theYBF}

Obama warns Assad of US military action in Syria – In a press briefing today the President said if Assad used chemical or biological weapons against his people there would be “enormous consequences.” Let’s hope things don’t continue to escalate. {The Telegraph}

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