Here are a few things we didn’t cover today, but thought you should know.

Akin rebuffs Romney, Republican, calls to quit Senate race – So, looks like Congressman Legitimate Rape is staying in the race? Hopefully voters will find him unworthy for the Senate. {Reuters}

GOP lawmaker: Virtually impossible to get AIDS through heterosexual sex – Oh, the stupidity. What year is it again? {The Raw Story}

Lil’ Scrappy Explains Why HE Believes He Has BIPOLAR DISORDER…Then Makes A Song About It – Well, if he’s serious about speaking out about his mental health issues, then I’m all for it. Ya feel me? But if he’s using bipolar disorder just to sell records? Well…that’s whack! {theYBF}

Jada Pinkett Smith Joins Instagram, Shares Old School Pictures – The Smiths are such a cute family! {Essence}

Ron Paul picks up 17 Republican convention delegates in Louisiana compromise – He’s still at it? {Washington Post}

Mom beats children’s football coach over molestation allegations – While I don’t condone taking the law into your own hands, if he did molest her sons, I can’t say that I’m mad at her. {theGrio}

Meles Zenawi death: Ethiopia ‘stable’, says government – Let’s hope it remains that way. {BBC}

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