It’s Monday and I don’t want to waste any time. So here are a few things we didn’t cover, but totally thought you should know.

Tropical Storm Gains Strength Moving Toward Coast – Our thoughts are with our Clutchettes & Gents in the path of Hurricane Issac. Stay safe out there! {NY Times}

Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander CONFIRMS SPLIT From Former NBA Baller Shaquille O’Neal! – Aww, man. Oddly enough, I actually liked them as a couple. {theYBF}

iPad Mini To Debut After iPhone 5 – Wait, wouldn’t a mini-iPad just be an iPhone? {Information Week}

Smoking marijuana regularly as a teen may lower IQ scores as an adult – In other news, water is wet. {CBS News}

Michelle Obama & Oprah Named in Forbes 100 Most Powerful Women List – Were we expecting something less? {Essence}

Chris Matthews Unloads on Republican Boss Over ‘Race Card’ – Sometimes you gotta love a good, old fashioned, Chris Matthews smackdown. #Pow {Gawker}

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