No warm-up today, it’s hot enough outside! Here are a few things we didn’t cover today, but totally thought you should know.

Boehner Says Out Loud He Hopes Blacks and Latinos ‘Won’t Show Up’ This Election – I’m glad they’re not even pretending anymore. {Yahoo}

Reagan Gomez Debuts Her New Webseries “Almost Home” + Trey Songz Urges Fans To VOTE – One to watch? {theYBF}

New Song to Broadcast From Mars – Umm, really? {NY Times}

The Republican Convention Sets Its Course Far Right – This should be interesting. Instead of moving to the center to sway independent voters, Mitt Romney is tacking to the right. {Huffington Post}

New Anti-Obama Movie Already #2 Documentary of 2012 – Some people just love a good conspiracy theory, eh? {}

Highest-Paid Celebrities: Forbes List Ranks Oprah, Hollywood Directors Highest – Oprah, still gets it in. {Huffington Post}

Bonus: From the folks behind ‘Sh*t Black Girls Say,’ here’s Songs Black Girls Sing. Funny?

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  • Fallon

    I have every single one f the songs on my ipod to play while driving lol.

  • OMFG I DO THAT!” i told my girls he can get it!” lol and “talk that talk”

    lately the song that’s been unfortunately stuck in my head is “no lie” but only the beggining

    “i be smokin on that gas. life should be on cinemax.. movies. bought my boo some bigger tits and a bigger ass” SMDH why oh why is this ratchet mess stuck in my head?!?!?! lol

  • That video is hilarious. Those are definitely staple Black girl songs lol