Today we celebrate the life of Michael Joseph Jackson. It seems crazy that he’s dead, but his music will always live on!

Prince, Paris Jackson in Gary to mark pop star’s birthday – Glad they’re going back to Gary to celebrate their pop. {Fox News}

Fla. appeals court orders new judge for Zimmerman trial – Looks like he got his way. {USA Today}

Obama answers questions on Reddit AMA – read his full answers – How cool is it that you can ask the President of the United States via social media? {CBS News}

Economy in U.S. Grew More in Second Quarter Than First Estimated – Is the economy bouncing back for good? How will it affect the upcoming election? {Bloomberg}

Chocolate may protect the brain from stroke – YES! Another reason to indulge! {BBC}

Boris & Nicole Dish On ‘How To Make Love Work’ In Rolling Out Magazine – Aren’t they just the cutest? {NecoleBitchie}

Hilariously Awful Pier 1 Training Video Includes Bad Acting, Rapping and Shitty Furniture – A little something to lighten the mood. {Jezebel}

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